Er. Tamalunch

I'm the orginator, representative, and ruler of this Tamalunch Factory. I have unlimited authority and became God being. But our company employees don't follow me. Im very solly. Lucky Coler is purple.



The under contruct illustrator of our company, I appeard frequently in the Medieval Period of Europa, my hair is snake, people looked me will be stoned, but I was exterminated by Hercules.


 Dr. Yang


I came from Hongkong, but now live in Tokyo. Orgasms, no, solly, organizer of this factory is classmate of my junior high school. I'm a doctor, not a medical doctor, but physical doctor. I'll make homepage soon, untill finish, you may this.

Diesay the Berserker

I'm very angry now. I'm too angry to do all the things you are. This reason is only one. It's for Y.N. He doesn't have any manner in human. He is not human. I hate him. He shall die! I kill! Kill kill kill kill death death death death!


Mr. Poo

What are you? I'm very often asked such. I'm guiterist and artist. And freeman. No man bind me, if my mother say me to take a job. I live in Factory Noise, you may come. I like jazz guiter, and I play such, but people can't hear such.


K. Oyaji-Sheena

I was wandering in japan, now I live in here. My job was many kinds, I'm a technician now. What kind of technician? It is eternal question. If you want to know truth, you will be unhappy.



Before I like a boy, but now I like a girl ordinaly. I often read comics, but there are often forbitten to under 18 years ago. I didn't know why. My illustrations are often forbitten too, but in this factory you can watch it(under legal).


Now Printing

 I shall appear soon!


Top 2 illustrations is referd to「覚悟のススメ」by Takayuki Yamaguchi.



Buck to the Terminal Geo City